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 Budget Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Homemade Cards
  2. Cool Socks
  3. Inexpensive Jewelry
  4. Music: The Food of Love
  5. Activities Besides Dinner & Movies
  6. Bath Salts
  7. Pretty Phone Case
  8. Stunning Picture Frame
  9. Personalized Coffee Mug
  10. Unique Flowers

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun. Making your significant other feel special, showing how you feel through gifts and quality time, or creating lasting memories at your favorite restaurant are all ways to celebrate your relationship. 

But when you’re trying to pay off debt, any holiday or special occasion can feel like a buffet for a person on a diet, there are temptations everywhere. Advertisements and store displays tell you that your special someone won’t be happy unless you do this or buy that. With everything there is to do and purchase you can easily rack up a hefty bill for gifts and fun on Valentine’s Day. 

So—how can you celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget? First, have a quick talk about it with your significant other. Then, use our 10 cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that will save you money. 

Have a Debt Diet Talk

Paying off your debts can be like being on a diet. Holidays can be tough because there are constant temptations to overspend. If your significant other is on board with the goal of getting out of debt, he or she will understand. Have a quick talk about it and make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to meeting your financial goals. 

First, talk about the advantages of getting out of debt. You’ll be able to do more together in the future, and then you’ll be able to save up for more special gifts and experiences together. 

Second, think together how you can have a nice Valentine’s Day on a budget. Listen to all ideas and respect them all. Maybe you could set a price limit on gifts.

Third, you could schedule a few activities you’ll do together on Valentine’s Day. Make sure you’ll both feel happy that you really celebrated the day. For example, you might cook your own special meal at home.

You can make each other feel special and have a great Valentine’s Day—while not going into debt or over on your budget. 

10 Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

There are advantages to inexpensive Valentine’s ideas. If you look around harder for unusual gifts, you can find something different that surprises your significant other. Make him or her feel special with a present you obviously spent longer picking out. 

Check out these 10 cheap Valentine’s Day ideas to get you thinking:

1. Homemade Cards

A card will be cherished longer when you make it yourself. You could: 

  • Craft it
  • Write a romantic letter or poem
  • Design it on a computer
  • Draw, paint, or watercolor it

2. Cool Socks

Really search to find fun socks that will make him or her say, “That’s totally me!” You can find hearts, winking eyes, cats, and many others.

3. Inexpensive Jewelry

Get sparkling jewelry that costs less by looking for: 

  • Synthetic gems
  • Costume jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Crafting materials so you can make your own
  • Vintage pieces from antique stores or online auctions

4. Music: The Food of Love

Use music to show you really know him or her. You can: 

  • Buy a special album
  • Write a song just for him or her
  • Buy individual tracks to make a personalized playlist

5. Activities Besides Dinner and a Movie

Go on a low-cost, alternative date: 

  • Take a walk in a beautiful place
  • Rent a movie at home
  • Visit an art museum
  • Play board games alone or with other couples
  • Shop in a store and pick out sweet items for each other

6. Bath Salts

Show that he or she deserves to be taken care of and nourished with soothing and enjoyable bath salts. 

7. A Pretty Phone Case

Find a new cell phone case that looks like pink marble, a famous work of art, an outdoor scene, or something else. Make it unique and special to your significant other.

8. A Stunning Picture Frame

Buy or make a picture frame that fits his or her style, and put a picture of the two of you in it from a favorite time.

9. Personalized Coffee Mug

Find a source for personalized coffee mugs—some major stores do this and so do specialized online services. You can put a special picture on it, your own words, or both. 

10. Unique Flowers

Don’t pay the highest prices for bouquets of red roses. Instead, buy: 

  • Live plants that last
  • Just one, really beautiful red rose
  • Paper flowers (or make them yourself)
  • Other flowers, like tulips, daffodils, or carnations

If you need some help and guidance getting out of debt, get a free debt assessment from CreditAnswers. Your significant other will love you for getting you both out of the stress of debt!


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