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Consolidating Student Debt with a Personal Loan

When you graduate from college and still have several student loan payments, student loan consolidation could help you handle your loan payments and even help you keep more money in your pocket every month.  

Are you a student in debt with various creditors now demanding their money? Are you in search of a way to consolidate student debt? You are not alone. This is a common challenge students and recent graduates face. One way to overcome this challenge is to consolidate your student debts with a personal loan.

A personal loan can be a convenient way of consolidating your expenses so they fit your monthly budget. Since this loan is usually unsecured i.e., it does not need any collateral to be produced when you want to loan some money; it could be very favorable to you as a student.

Personal loans generally do not include any prepayment, and they have an impact on your credit score in the same way as a student loan. As a student, you could also receive a lower interest rate.

Another great advantage of getting a personal loan to repay student loan debt is that you can discharge any co-signers you have on your loans. If you meet the requirements of the personal loan by yourself, the individual who co-signed for your student loan would not be required on your new loan.

Students can benefit from a wide range of personal loans. There can be drawbacks to using a personal loan to consolidate student debt.

A major downside is that most lenders limit the amount of personal loans. Since there is no required collateral for a personal loan, lenders generally limit the amount that can be borrowed. What’s more, if you have limited credit history, the lender might not feel you are worthy of having a high loan because there might not be enough credit history to justify it.

Additionally, if you have a poor credit score and do not have a steady job, problems can arise. If you’re unemployed or change jobs frequently, lenders could deny your personal loan application. Since personal loans are unsecured, lenders want to be sure that borrowers have a stable income to pay off the debt.

However, by applying for a personal loan, you can get a secure and decent source of financial aid without the increased worries of losing assets because the loans are unsecured. Students who choose to consolidate their debts have a better opportunity to rebuild their credit score and begin a new page of their after-school life. With personal loans, you can reduce your debt and take control of your finances.


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