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Your Guide to the Best Money Savings Apps

These days, everyone owns a smartphone. Our sleek and shiny companions are constantly at our side, but they’re capable of far more than just social media and selfies. When it comes to money management, mobile phones can become our trusted digital accountants. The range of apps available for budgeting, saving and investing is extensive and features some great pieces of software. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular apps to download and use for all matters money.

How’d you like to save money without ever noticing it? With the free app Acorns, this dream can become a reality. For every purchase you make by a card connected to the app, the figure is rounded up to the nearest dollar and saved. So, a $1.90 purchase becomes a 10 cent saving. Over time these small deposits can really add up. 

Your savings don’t just sit there, either. Users choose from 5 of Acorns’ managed portfolios in which to keep their money. These funds can then increase or decrease over time, depending on how the stocks do. Management of the investment happens in a truly automated fashion, making the app great for anyone looking to save and invest in an almost effortless way.

Want to make tracking expenses easier? Wally is a lightweight app that gives you the ability to snap photos of your receipts and automatically download the information onto your app. If you’ve run into trouble in the past trying to keep track of expenses and have become bogged down in a mountain of old receipts, this could be the app for you.

The drawback is that unlike other apps, your expenses must be entered manually, which can be tedious. However, this is good if you don’t want your bank account linked to the app, which many others require. The basic version is free, with a gold version costing $4 a month.

Mint is a fantastic resource that hits all the main points when it comes to money management. This one-stop-shop gives you all the tools you need to track your spending and organize a budget.

When you link the app to your accounts, the app organizes the details of your finances into sleek and attractive graphs. What’s more, the app will work out your credit score and present you with actionable advice on how to improve the rating. Oh, and the best thing? It’s totally free to use.

Few people would describe saving as fun, but with this app, you just might. Qapital lets you automatically save money by hitting specific triggers. Maybe you’re trying to stop indulging in sweet treats from your local bakery. Fine – you can tell the app to save $5 for you every time you give into temptation.

If you set yourself a budget for the week in a certain shop or category, you can tell the app to save the difference if you manage to spend below that figure. This app is not free, but at just $3 a month for basic membership, your savings could quickly make the app worthwhile.   

Unfortunately, the app that can instantly get you out of debt is yet to be created. But that doesn’t mean your debts have to last a lifetime. At CreditAnswers, we make it our mission to help people take control of their monthly budgets, become debt-free and start living for themselves again. If you’re struggling with life in the red, then get in touch. After a free, no-obligation consultation, we can tell you how you could be debt-free in as little as 24-36 months. Check us out.


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